So your wife (or girlfriend, or partner, or whatever) sent you this link. You’re checking it out because, hey, why not, right? She’s pretty interested in hiring a “sleep coach” and you’re thinking, What? Come on.

How do I know this?

Because a few years ago, I was in your shoes.

My Story
I’m a dad. A few years ago, my son didn’t go to sleep easily. He was 3 years old, and his bedtime routine took about 90 minutes. I love my son and all, but damn… an hour and a half to get him to sleep!? That pretty much chewed up the best time of the evening. I could’ve used that time to watch some TV after a long day, play a video game, or read a book.

It drove me crazy that the bedtime routine took so long. After reading books, and doing an elaborate routine, I had to sit by his bedside until he fell asleep. I don’t mind some little bedtime routines, but his dependency on me sitting by his bed was too much. I could also see this routine was negatively impacting my wife as well. So I opened myself to new ideas.

My wife heard about a sleep coach. The cost made me raise an eyebrow. But I convinced myself it would be worth it if my son finally went to sleep more quickly. Also, I wanted to give my wife a break. She’d been working extra hard, and was even stressing more about it than I was. I wanted her to be able to relax in the evening, so I agreed to be on the call with the sleep coach.

The call was nothing short of awesome. I was impressed at how much the coach knew about our specific situation. She knew our routine, and took the time to really understand the struggle we were going through every night. She made great suggestions I’d never considered before. She had suggestions that didn’t involve making my kid cry all night. My wife and I picked a day to start our “sleep training”, and we started seeing positive results within just a few nights.

Boom. Solved.

Every family is different. You might see results within a few nights, or it may take a little longer. The sleep coach emphasized consistency, which makes sense to me. Sometimes you can’t predict how your child is going to behave. Hiring a sleep coach might seem unusual, but hey, why not? Try a free phone consultation. It can’t hurt. It’ll also demonstrate to your partner that you’re willing to be flexible and do something to improve your family’s overall health.

Five Reasons to Hire a Sleep Coach
  • Great Investment: Your family’s happiness is your top priority, right? A well-rested family is happier, more pleasant, and more efficient during the day. By investing now in a sleep coach, you save your family’s sanity, and set them up for success throughout the day. That means cuter babies, more playful children, and a very grateful partner.
  • Your Partner’s Sanity: If your partner sent you this link, chances are that they’re more into the idea than you are. There’s a good chance they need the help, and really want you to be on board with the idea. As hard as your child’s sleep challenges have been on you, it may be far more difficult for them.
  • It’s OK To Ask For Help: Babies and toddlers are challenging. It’s normal for parents to be overwhelmed, especially if one of the parents travels a lot, or if there are siblings in the mix. The best leaders surround themselves with experts in different fields and listen to their advice. By hiring a sleep coach, you get yourself educated and empowered to make your family happy
  • Sleep Coaches Are The Real Deal: Go ahead. Admit it. When you heard “sleep coach”, you rolled your eyes. Right? I sure did. But then I opened my mind and was willing to try it. To be a certified sleep coach, you need to do A LOT of work. You don’t get to be one just because you read a book or two and had success with your own kids. Sleep coaches are heavily trained, tested, and qualified individuals. There’s a reason this website is filled with glowing testimonials.
  • Brownie points: Don’t deny it: you need the brownie points. Even if you’re still not sold on the whole sleep coach idea, it would go a long way to showing your partner you support them. By demonstrating a willingness to help your partner, they’re likely to be far more receptive to your ideas, not to mention being, very, very appreciative.