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Tired Parent Testimonials

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for all you’ve done to help us. M. has been doing so great at night and we keep thinking about where we were just a month ago and can’t even believe it! What a difference!

My child just lays down and sleeps through the night. We can’t imagine how we used to cope with him waking every 45 minutes like he was. It’s really been life changing for us. Thank you for helping us stick to this plan and making it work, despite how difficult it felt for us.

Jessica T. Mother of an 8 month old


My husband and I are thrilled with our baby’s progress and cannot thank you enough for guiding us through this process. We feel like we’re getting our life back! We used to put our son down, then scoff some dinner and go to bed as early as possible to get a couple hours sleep before our little ticking time bomb started going off! We have a much nicer night time routine now, and I no longer dread evenings. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Hannah S. Mother of a 6 month old

I was quite tense over my son’s sleep issues. Despite having prepared as best I could, I wasn’t ready for the trouble he brought me at night as a toddler. I felt confused and unprepared. With the confidence of an expert, and the assurance of a mother, Ms. Denzel immediately eased my concern. She let me know that what we were experiencing could be resolved with some observation and simple techniques. We set a plan, which included keeping a log, and followed-up on a regular basis. I’m happy to say our son is sleeping peacefully again! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ms. Denzel to friends.
Sarah H. Mother of a 2 year old


Jennifer Denzel was a lifesaver for my family! Before contacting Jennifer, I was up 3-5 times a night with my 6 month old daughter. My goals when contacting Jennifer were to eliminate middle-of-the-night feedings, to teach my daughter to put herself to sleep, and have her sleep through the night. Within the first weekend we successfully eliminated all night feedings. By the 5th night she was sleeping through the night. We are now able to put her to bed awake and she falls asleep without any tears at all!! Not only is my daughter well rested and happy, but the rest of us are too! I couldn’t be more thankful for Jennifer’s dedication to my family!!
Kim B. Mother of a 6 month old

When my twin 2-year olds began continually climbing out of their cribs, my husband and I decided to prevent injuries and move them to toddler beds. I was in a panic because I had no idea how to approach this. Jennifer immediately sent me information about this transition and offered me a phone consultation. She was incredibly conscientious about my schedule and my need to receive tools and techniques quickly before this transition got completely out of hand. Jennifer is truly an expert with information at the ready. Moreover, Jennifer is a compassionate mother; one who has been in our shoes. She was so supportive when I was filled with doubt that I’d ever get them to stay in bed, and her encouragement helped me face night two of “twins in toddler beds” with renewed hope. We went from a 2.5 hour ordeal the first night, to 20 minutes the second night, and things have only gotten better since.
Jacqueline H. Mother of 2 year old twins


Our 3 year old son had been a “challenging sleeper” for over 2 years. We would have to lie in bed with him to get him to sleep, he would go to bed late, and he would wake up in the middle of the night to come into our bed. We contacted Jennifer with the hopes of getting him an earlier bedtime. Not only did Jennifer put together a plan to help us get him to bed earlier, but we learned how to get him to fall asleep on his own and stay in his bed for the night. Everyone is sleeping so much better because of it! What we really liked about working with Jennifer is that she listened to our concerns and made sure that everything was in our comfort zone. She didn’t push a “one size fits all” approach onto us and I think that made the difference. We would highly recommend her and wish we had contacted her sooner!
Sandy P. Mother of a 3 year old

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